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Silk Scroll

Chinese Hand Painted Silk Scroll, Framed


Home decor Chinese silk scroll painting Mountains painting "春山访友" decoration


Old Vintage Chinese Hand Painted Ink Drawing Silk Scroll Painting Mountains


Dragon Silk Scroll


Silk Asian Scroll Artwork Tiger Threaded Textures MS10


Asian Watercolor on silk-like scroll set of 4


CHINESE hanging scroll 8 Running Horses silk & paper ink Xu Beihong 29" x 68"


Silk Brocade Long Scroll Chinese Artwork Riverside Scene QingMing Festival


Antique Chinese Silk Scroll Painting 84 x 21 1/4


Antique Chinese Silk Scroll Painting 64'' Long W/ Extra Silk Painting Seal Marks


Old Chinese Silk Paper Painting Three Heroes Fought Against Lvbu Scroll Painting


Old Chinese Silk Scroll Painting 46'' Long


30 inches Collection of Chinese scroll painting on silk:清明上河图 NR


19th Century Chinese Scroll Ink Painting Signed On Silk Very Nice


Antique Chinese Scroll - Embroidered Silk on Paper - Teapot & Character Motif


Home decor Chinese silk scroll painting Pond funny painting "荷塘情趣" decoration


Chinese Silk Scroll Painting - Signed Mountain and River - 62.5" x 16.75"


Vintage Chinese Asian Tiger Silk Scroll Signed Print Wall Hanging - 35" x 10" VG


Large 6F long Antique Japanese Hanging Painting Scroll Silk Fabric


Vintage or Antique Chinese or Japanese Hanging Silk Scroll Painting Chickens


New 71" X 14.5" horizontal Chinese Silk Scroll - Qing Ming Prosperous Market


Home decor Chinese silk scroll painting Dragon Ink painting "龙图" decoration


Old Chinese Landscaping Painting On Silk Scroll Signed


Antique Chinese Watercolor& Ink Paintingon Silk Landscape ORIGINAL poetry scroll


Antique Chinese Scroll Painting Ladies Landscape Signed Seals Silk


fine antique Chinese landscape painting silk scroll signed


Home decor Chinese silk scroll painting Chinese ancient bridge painting "水乡"


VINTAGE Hand Painted on SILK Japanese Scroll ~ Landscape ~ Artist Sign


Home decor Chinese silk scroll painting Flowers and birds Ink painting "百鸟朝凤"


18th Century Chinese Landscape Ink on Silk Scroll Painting


Antique Chinese Silk Scroll Painting 75'' Long




3 Vintage Chinese Hand Painted Silk Wall Art Scroll Signed Mountain River Bird


Antique Chinese Fine Classical Scroll painting Silk Signed Seal Ladies Crane


Chinese Antique Real Silk Painting Scroll Panda Signed


Old or Antique Chinese Painting on Silk Scroll Signed


Antique Chinese Ancestor Portrait Painting on Silk Fabric Scroll, 19th c


Chinese Master Painting Scroll: Peony Flower, Original Piece On Silk by artist.


Antique Japanese traditional silk scroll painting birds Red Crowned Crane


Vintage Asian Oriental Chinese Bamboo Scroll Painting Silk Sewn Birds Deer




Home decor Chinese silk scroll painting Blooming rich peony figure Ink painting


Antique Japanese Chinese Silk Scroll Painting Seal Mark 19th Century, 1851


Chinese silk scroll painting Naked woman painting "月华" Home decor decoration